Keeps Money

Keeps Money: Take a spot and earn cash with this descriptive name. Possible uses: An app. A customer loyalty program. An affiliate network. A banking service. A deals site.


How to sell a domain in namerific.com

1-the home page of the site
www.namerific.com , registration on the site is normal by e-mail

 2-Look at the website and the names displayed to identify it and understand the nature of the names on it 

3-After registering and submitting the required data, you can add your domain as picture

4-Add a professional description of your domain.

5- Keywords/Tags   /www.keywordtool.io

6-Your price and other steps are simple.
7-In case of accepting or rejecting the domain, the site's moderator will send a message to you.
8-If the domain is accepted, the site will create a logo.

HOW YOU Search for an expired domain - www.expireddomains.net

Sign in or open a new account and registration is free.
2 - you  page is white, you can change it to black, will appear from the settings.


 You can buy it now.


How to Become a Domain Investor Success Mistakes Beginner

At the beginning of my business with the domain investment, I was very excited and started my first purchase from name.com and  l didn't know that .com is the most wanted and the rest is less in everything.  Also, not every domain extension .com is wonderful if you saw the pages of the Domains expired authority, there are millions of domain has left its owners there and did not renew for many reasons that it is not suitable for nothing and could not sell, I have talked in previous posts on how to buy a special domain and how to start  I will trade the domain and will talk about my personal experience and this is provided only