How do you trade domain names? Part One, Introduction

In 2011, Hotels.com was sold for $ 11 million, and 2006  Diamond.com was sold for $7.5 million!
Do not you believe it? Ok what do you think that PrivateJet.com has been selling for $ 30 million?
For me, I believe (because it is true) everything you read is above, it is words that have meaning and can be desired by a certain billionaire buys it .. it is okay means  🙂
Or do I see a Chinese company named Qihoo buying a domain called 360.com and $ 17 million? Why do you mean ??
When you plan to buy a domain with a view to selling it at a higher price, you are here to shop in Dominets, or what is called our Domain Flip, which is profitable, yes, but you can not consider it your absolute budget.
Make this work as a kind of opportunity you catch every time, for me every month I put a few days in depth in the research and work the steps that I will talk about with you here, after the end of these days .. I finish this work, whether or not I find.
I know that there are temptations you read a lot (like the ones I read above) and tell yourself if I find one domain only brings me $ 20,000 better than a full year job in my job .. Yes, your words are true, but do not forget that there are millions of trades and swings that move from One hand to another, and not all of them bring them the profits you are talking about !!  
Here you will read about how I trade with dominoes in a way that gives me excellent profits without making it affect my 
main business, but only by investing a very short time on it  🙂

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