How do you trade domain names? -The second part

Are there ordinary people who have done and are still doing this?
A person named Ali Zandi (I do not know his nationality but his form is Arabic), bought 8 domain at normal prices and generated profits of which $ 58,000!
This person who bought a domain for $ 10 and put it on a site to be offered for sale, and came a message from a person who entered his site that he wanted to buy the domain alone and was sold on $ 2,600!
And finally I myself still do this, but if you saw the following picture you will see my account in the name.com and it contains several Domains I bought each of them for only $ 9 .. And look simple you will know that they are all worth more than this amount  Much, and even some without offering to sell I received several letters with offers of purchase amounts are doubles multiplied by what I bought.

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