How do you trade domain names? Part 7

Buy domain and open sources of sales
Congratulations, in this step you will buy the profitable domain / domain, the purchase process is very easy .. Prepare your credit card, add the domain you want in your account of the company you selected, put it in the shopping basket, and then buy it.

And now we want to do these things to open sources to sell Domains:

Note: The domain you buy can not be sold 60 days before you buy it, this is something you must know

Do not do private property Whois: When you activate this feature and you buy, it will make access to you difficult, so no one can know what your email or phone number to communicate with you and buy it, yes people and I am looking for the domain in sites such as whois.com and Find their owners' information and write them directly, and if they do this feature nothing will appear.

Put the domain on the page to show that it is for sale: This is an excellent thing, especially if the domain is a word in which people usually search, or originally Travik was previously entered

.. Just designed (you or pay for others) page and put its advantages and you are offering for sale with the means of communication with you.

You do not want to do the previous point, you can do a job to redirect it to: Yes .. After you place it in one of the sales auctions, you can make your work through it by its redirection  so that anyone entering it goes directly to the auction.

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