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How do you trade domain names? the third part-3

How much money do I need to start in this trade?

Since you will start trading, and you have never sold a domain in thousands of dollars previously, you do not have much money and want to trade in the short term so that you buy and sell in the shortest time ..

Here is my advice to you not to start less than $ 300, because it is very natural that you do not find that wonderful domain quickly and in a short period .. million million 🙂, and therefore you have a very good Budget allows you to buy an excellent amount of Domains and that will give you total profits Excellent and see a percentage of returns make you optimistic and enthusiastic about this method of work.

As for me and al-Hamdallah I do not care about you with me money to put in the purchase of a domain, as long as I liked and saw a good profit bought it, and when I say well I do not mean never a few hundred dollars .. This is why I do this work only in the opportunities as I told you, I do not trade in the short term but it is not bad, but it does not suit me.

Domain profit is when you buy and not when you sell!

When I go to search for a site I buy, I always search for sites where owners are not worth it. Yes, they are, their owners do not know their value, and that does not mean that they are stupid ... I know more about sites than they know!

I know how to get money from them while they do not. I know how to double profits and they only know the way they use it. I know how I want to travel while they do not know how to do it.

Why do I tell you this? Because Domin applies the same words, do not imagine the amount of the domain that I bought previously in very cheap amounts just because the owners tried to sell and did not know! , Tried to sell it and did not know and this makes them sell it for a lot less .. It is important to win from it! , And others because they do not have a credit card, others do not have a bank account, and other very strange reasons make them unappreciated for this work.

I hear you who say that this exploit 🙂

No, darling .. Experience also has its value, they do not have experience .. Why did not learn and try and build the experience and then trying to sell it? This is not exploitation, but a mistake from the seller because it facilitates the work so, does not want to build experience and time and pay money in learning .. This result deserves it, why I pay a lot of money in learning and building experience and he wants to get the amounts I get?

"Do not be soft, soft, everything that happens to you is because of you and because of you only .. Whoever makes mistakes, be a man and bear his mistakes"


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How to sell a domain in

1-the home page of the site , registration on the site is normal by e-mail

 2-Look at the website and the names displayed to identify it and understand the nature of the names on it 

3-After registering and submitting the required data, you can add your domain as picture

4-Add a professional description of your domain.
5-Keywords/Tags   /

6-Your price and other steps are simple.
7-In case of accepting or rejecting the domain, the site's moderator will send a message to you.
8-If the domain is accepted, the site will create a logo.