How do you trade domain names? -Part 6

Rank the domain and know its history
Before you buy, you should know if there are any disadvantages to this domain.

Check these things before you buy:

See the history of the domain if it was previously on an old site: Enter the web.archive.org site, and see how the site looks and what it is talking about and what its market is, whether it was organized and entered Traffic or not, see what happened with it over the years and of course Whenever a good site with content and traffic entered it was better, of course
Make sure you do not put the domain as a blank email: Enter this site UltraTools, and put the domain name and see whether there are services and sites put it as a cable is not in its databases
View the baccalaureate profile: If the old owner (if found) do the work of bad links to him, enter the site like ahrefs.com and put the domain and saw what was happening previously and the reputation of that domain in Google and the file baccalaureate

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