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How do you trade domain names? Part 5

Search for profitable domain names

Before I tell you what to do in the search for domain names, let's talk about what makes the domain good and profitable and what makes it bad .. And of course in the end the value of the domain belongs to the need of the buyer and thought about it .. It is possible to see the domain For me, its value is to buy it at a price that suits me for a price at a big price, only .. While a large computer  company has a much greater value, it is possible to pay a good amount to take it for itself.

These are general issues that you should be interested in when you search for a domain:

Domain length in characters
Age and history of the domain
Word or letters or numbers are real English
The name has meaning

1-Think about the market

The search process should be organized, do not look so without any identification or narrowing, select what to look for, and here I talk about the market itself. What markets do you want to look at? Select this

For me, I have determined that I want to look at the money market and investment, because I knew after the first step that it is a market that is very much paid and estimated in a terrible way.

Second: Enter Google and search for words in that market

A simple process actually, enter Google Search in the dictionaries or sites about the words that are traded by people in that market, and write it in your own paper .. Write and search for what people ask and what they talk about, in every market there is a language can only understand from Enter well in that market .. Yes these words are not accessible and you will find Domains

For me also identified a lot of words, but I had 3 large papers full of words in the market, including the word pay, which I did not know I prostrate the domain after them 🙂

Third, look for synonyms for those words that I have produced

The synonyms are very straightforward, and they are found by
Learn the synonyms of the words you have previously entered, enter the Google Reader QWord Blaner (I wish you knew it and if I did not see a course how do I sell Adsense), I use it frequently to find synonyms for words.

Fourth, look for the future of this market or what is new in it

Imagine if you were interested in the subject of digital currencies (Betquin and others), and at the beginning I thought that the Betcquin would be a great affair, tell me .. How much domain you would then find the betcoin , yes very much .. because it is a new thing, a new invention , But it can be said that it is a completely new word on Domains!

And what I want you to do also, enter the news of the market .. Know what is happening now know about what scientists and experts discovered in that market, record and write and read more about him and if I saw that something would be important ... Here I found treasure

Fifth: Add cosmetic words

And the words that we will add to our main words, remember that we do not want a long domain, at most two words and do not want more, and now write words that you add to your words and have a meaning, certainly if you found in the steps next word one word without cosmetic words much better But believe me it will be difficult ..

For example, if your market is trading, and your word amazon or ebay, the words will be related to this market. For example:


Think and search more and you'll find more definitely, these cosmetic words related to the market can add easily without affecting the meaning or strength of the same cam in that market .. Understand me ??

The opportunity to read: Just thinking simple and I write this article put the previous example and a very small search entered and wrote and found him $ 9, do you think it worth more ?? Yes I think of course .. I will leave it to you, go and buy it now if I found it available of course

Sixth: Start the search process

And here we will order in two forms, the first form is the manual .. So share a site you can buy dominoes easily and pleased and speed, and start writing dominets in it, there are a lot of sites specialized in the purchase of Domains .. For me I use only one trade and Is and this does not mean I do not use others for other purposes. And does not mean that others are good.

This is what I tried and recommended and I thought it was quick and easy to buy:

Just start typing in your account there, type your keyword alone .. exist? This is a wonderful place to be true, clear, non-existent? Add your cosmetic words .. Do not buy now If you find something, we are in the process of searching and comparing.

The second form is using sites .. We will not use a new site, is great for this matter 🙂

Enter the namebio site and never write your own keywords one by one, and watch the dominets that were sold previously, to say that I have previously chosen the combat market .. I entered the site and wrote in the search  GO

Then I arranged the dominants that appeared based on their price from the top to the lowest, by pressing the price, and found the domain was sold in 1999 at the price
1,100,000 USD for a USD 500,000 price in Sedo

Now you know how to look good and how to find good dominions, and you have a suitable package available to you to buy them, what to do next?


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