How do you trade domain names?, PART IV-,4

What steps do I take for this work?

Find out the approximate prices for domains
This is the first step I have always made, looking and know the prices currently traded for Domains, and I build experience and I see and appreciate the prices Domans similar in the word for example and others similar in the market and others ..

First enter NameBio.com, the site is really great .. It has a sales history of many Domains (over 600,000 domains) and has a powerful filter that you can use.

As you can see above, you can search through the word and its place in the domain, domain extension, the company available in it, you can set Range for the price that suits you, you can also choose the classification - the market - you want, the date,

Yes, that's great, I can know and see and appreciate a lot of domain prices this way, and that's exactly what I did in my first step when I bought this year's Domains: Paywn.com  PayZax.com 
 Keepsmoney.com   PayWithMoney.com

The word Pay and Money began to know how many Domains sold in the past and the word Pay or money 🙂

Also try to filter according to the classification and see the prices of dominoes in different markets, will take an excellent idea about the prices that fit this market and whether the domain you will find profitable or not.

Of the other sites used by the site Flippa, there is not a large filter located in the previous site, but the difference is that you see bids real and almost directly on the Domains .. You follow a certain domain and see the evolution of the price increase and therefore know that it is required and This means that you are looking for a similar (step 2).

Of the sites also used by the site godaddy and Sedo and any sites where the sale of auctions Domains

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