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How to sell a domain in

1-the home page of the site , registration on the site is normal by e-mail

 2-Look at the website and the names displayed to identify it and understand the nature of the names on it 

3-After registering and submitting the required data, you can add your domain as picture

4-Add a professional description of your domain.
5-Keywords/Tags   /

6-Your price and other steps are simple.
7-In case of accepting or rejecting the domain, the site's moderator will send a message to you.
8-If the domain is accepted, the site will create a logo.

HOW YOU Search for an expired domain -

Sign in or open a new account and registration is free.
2 - you  page is white, you can change it to black, will appear from the settings.


 You can buy it now.

How to Become a Domain Investor Success Mistakes Beginner

At the beginning of my business with the domain investment, I was very excited and started my first purchase from and  l didn't know that .com is the most wanted and the rest is less in everything.  Also, not every domain extension .com is wonderful if you saw the pages of the Domains expired authority, there are millions of domain has left its owners there and did not renew for many reasons that it is not suitable for nothing and could not sell, I have talked in previous posts on how to buy a special domain and how to start  I will trade the domain and will talk about my personal experience and this is provided only

Domain Extension .ly

I bought it this month and am thinking of selling lt،What are you thinking about.

Finding Expired Domains With

Uniregistry Brokerage Boasts Impressive 2016-2018 Sales

Uniregistry Brokerage Boasts Impressive 2016-2018 SalesMonday, June 10, 2019 in Domain sales data for 2016-2018Uniregistry Brokerage’s team of more than 30 highly trained, multilingual domain name sales professionals have been working hard on behalf of our clients, and we wanted to show you our domain name sales data for the past 3 years. Yearly Results:In 2016, Uniregistry Brokerage closed $33,819,931.20 in total domain name sales. To give you an idea of what it took to achieve this, our brokers placed 264,822 phone calls with prospective buyers. We sent millions of emails following up on leads and communicating about buyer questions, concerns, and negotiations. The combined efforts by our brokers resulted in 4,076 domain name sales in 2016. In 2017, Uniregistry Brokerage closed $38,936,880.54 in total domain name sales. Our brokers communicated by telephone with domain name buyers 351,502 times. The combined efforts resulted in 5,236 individual domain name sales …

Biggest Public Cash Domain Sale Ever Reported & Year's Highest Non .Com Sale Headline This Week's Chart

Biggest Public Cash Domain Sale Ever Reported By Ron Jackson As most of you probably know by now, the biggest publicly reported all cash domain sale of all time was revealed Tuesday (June 18, 2019). With the $30 million sale of industry, reported the landmark sale (including us, of course, with an assist from George Kirikos who was the first to send us some of the key information as the story started breaking).The GoDaddy Domain Broker Service was credited with facilitating the sale in which seller MicroStrategy Inc., a public company listed on the NASDAQ (under the symbol MSTR), sent to buyer, a company that is using to launch a new blockchain-based social media platform called Voice.  We maintain a chart of the top 20 all cash domain only salesreported since we began our weekly domain sales reports in 2003. In light of the sale I think it is worth repeating something I have pointed out in the past that remains a problem. Several other …

Do Your Own Domain Name Investing, Don't Copy Others

Simplest Explanation of Domain Name Pricing

Why Invest in Domain Names?

Overnight Success in Domain Name Investing

How do you trade domain names? Part 7

Buy domain and open sources of sales
Congratulations, in this step you will buy the profitable domain / domain, the purchase process is very easy .. Prepare your credit card, add the domain you want in your account of the company you selected, put it in the shopping basket, and then buy it.

And now we want to do these things to open sources to sell Domains:

Note: The domain you buy can not be sold 60 days before you buy it, this is something you must know

Do not do private property Whois: When you activate this feature and you buy, it will make access to you difficult, so no one can know what your email or phone number to communicate with you and buy it, yes people and I am looking for the domain in sites such as and Find their owners' information and write them directly, and if they do this feature nothing will appear.

Put the domain on the page to show that it is for sale: This is an excellent thing, especially if the domain is a word in which people usually search, or o…

How do you trade domain names? -Part 6

Rank the domain and know its history
Before you buy, you should know if there are any disadvantages to this domain.

Check these things before you buy:
See the history of the domain if it was previously on an old site: Enter the site, and see how the site looks and what it is talking about and what its market is, whether it was organized and entered Traffic or not, see what happened with it over the years and of course Whenever a good site with content and traffic entered it was better, of course
Make sure you do not put the domain as a blank email: Enter this site UltraTools, and put the domain name and see whether there are services and sites put it as a cable is not in its databases
View the baccalaureate profile: If the old owner (if found) do the work of bad links to him, enter the site like and put the domain and saw what was happening previously and the reputation of that domain in Google and the file baccalaureate