How to sell a domain in namerific.com

1-the home page of the site
www.namerific.com , registration on the site is normal by e-mail

 2-Look at the website and the names displayed to identify it and understand the nature of the names on it 

3-After registering and submitting the required data, you can add your domain as picture

4-Add a professional description of your domain.

5- Keywords/Tags   /www.keywordtool.io

6-Your price and other steps are simple.
7-In case of accepting or rejecting the domain, the site's moderator will send a message to you.
8-If the domain is accepted, the site will create a logo.

HOW YOU Search for an expired domain - www.expireddomains.net

Sign in or open a new account and registration is free.
2 - you  page is white, you can change it to black, will appear from the settings.


 You can buy it now.


How to Become a Domain Investor Success Mistakes Beginner

At the beginning of my business with the domain investment, I was very excited and started my first purchase from name.com and  l didn't know that .com is the most wanted and the rest is less in everything.  Also, not every domain extension .com is wonderful if you saw the pages of the Domains expired authority, there are millions of domain has left its owners there and did not renew for many reasons that it is not suitable for nothing and could not sell, I have talked in previous posts on how to buy a special domain and how to start  I will trade the domain and will talk about my personal experience and this is provided only

Domain Extension .ly

I bought it this month and am thinking of selling lt،What are you thinking about.

How To Book Of Domain Names - Domain Name Investing

Domain book


Finding Expired Domains With Expireddomains.net

Uniregistry Brokerage Boasts Impressive 2016-2018 Sales

Uniregistry Brokerage Boasts Impressive 2016-2018 Sales

Domain sales data for 2016-2018

Uniregistry Brokerage’s team of more than 30 highly trained, multilingual domain name sales professionals have been working hard on behalf of our clients, and we wanted to show you our domain name sales data for the past 3 years.

Yearly Results:

In 2016, Uniregistry Brokerage closed $33,819,931.20 in total domain name sales. To give you an idea of what it took to achieve this, our brokers placed 264,822 phone calls with prospective buyers. We sent millions of emails following up on leads and communicating about buyer questions, concerns, and negotiations. The combined efforts by our brokers resulted in 4,076 domain name sales in 2016.
In 2017, Uniregistry Brokerage closed $38,936,880.54 in total domain name sales. Our brokers communicated by telephone with domain name buyers 351,502 times. The combined efforts resulted in 5,236 individual domain name sales for 2017.
In 2018, Uniregistry Brokerage closed $50,100,177.46 in total domain name sales. Uniregistry Brokerage worked the phone hard and often. By year’s end, Uniregistry Brokers had placed 383,104 phone calls on behalf of our clients and sent 21,997,270 emails following up on leads or communicating directly with buyers. The combined efforts of the team resulted in 5,445 total domain names sold in 2018.
Uniregistry Brokerage had a combined sales growth of 32.49% from 2016-2018.

World Reach

Uniregistry Brokerage sold domain names to buyers from 111 different countries in 2018. By expanding the team to include professional domain brokers speaking over 14 different languages, we achieved huge growth rates in many countries. We have also seen great success with native-language-resolving landing pages and local phone numbers based on the geographical location of the visiting customer on the "For Sale" pages. The Uni "Sales Landing" pages are performing very well to capture leads, and we are excited about several new technologies being used with them.

Domain Sales Month by Month

We wanted to share another rare snapshot with you: month by month domain name sales data for 2018 by the Uniregistry Brokerage team.
  • Jan: 456 domains sold, average sale price $7,322 with a total of $3.3M
  • Feb: 408 domains sold, average sale price $10,181 with a total of $4.1M
  • March: 501 domains sold, average sale price $9,272 with a total of $4.6M
  • April: 498 domains sold, average sale price $10,093 with a total of $5M
  • May: 514 domains sold, average sale price $9,576 with a total of $4.9M
  • June: 416 domains sold, average sale price $10,573 with a total of $4.3M
  • July: 437 domains sold, average sale price $8,510 with a total of $3.7M
  • Aug: 480 domains sold, average sale price $8,049 with a total of $3.8M
  • Sept: 432 domains sold, average sale price $9,516 with a total of $4.1M
  • Oct: 453 domains sold, average sale price $10,653 with a total of $4.8M
  • Nov: 444 domains sold, average sale price $7,865 with a total of $3.4M
  • Dec: 406 domains sold, average sale price $8,873 with a total of $3.6M
The Uniregistry Brokerage team sold an Average of 453 domain names per month in 2018.

Quick Hits

Here are some more data points that we feel are fun and helpful.
The highest domain name sale of 2018 was a 2-word .com domain name that sold for over $1 million dollars. 8 of the top 10 domain name sales in 2018 were private and the exact sale amount/domain name cannot be shared due to NDA. 58 domain names sold for at least $100,000 or more in 2018. Of those 58, 56 were .com domains. There was also 1 .net and 1 .co.uk. Of the 58 domains that sold for more than $100K, the average length was 5.8 characters.
1,005 domain name sales were between $10,000 and $99,999 in 2018. The average length of these domain names was 8 characters. In 2017, we sold 900 domains in the same price range and the average character length was 8.3 (without the TLD). This has been a steady rise from 2016, which saw 785 domain sales in the price range and an average character length of 8.59. There are slight trends toward shorter character length and an increase in volume.

$1,000 to $9,999 USD Data

  • 2016: 2,924 total domains sold. Average Character Count: 9.3
  • 2017: 3,490 total domains sold. Average Character Count: 9.6
  • 2018: 3,742 total domains sold. Average Character Count: 9.5
86.86% of all domain names sold by the Brokerage in 2018 were .com domain names. 2.3% were .net and 1.9% were .org.

Mean (Average) and Median Sales Data

  • Mean (Average) sales price for 2016 was $7,436
  • Median sales price for 2016 was $3,450
  • Mean (Average) sales price for 2017 was $7,436
  • Median sales price for 2017 was $3,333
  • Mean (Average) sales price for 2018 was $9,200
  • Median sales price for 2018 was $3,500

Structure of the Domain Names

Think only short, 1-word domain names sell? Not even close. Again, in a rare view of the data, we’re breaking down what sold by splitting up the data by “type.” The following data is based on English dictionary terms. “Other” is classified as Alphabet+Numeric, Numeric with a hyphen, Acronym+Keyword, not a dictionary word, and similar exceptions.


  • 4,076 total domains
  • 357 one-word domains
  • 1,765 two-word domains
  • 286 three-word domains
  • 481 one-to-four character domains
  • 1,259 other domains


  • 5,236 total domains
  • 408 one-word domains
  • 2,374 two-word domains
  • 392 three-word domains
  • 523 one-to-four character domains
  • 1,608 other domains


  • 5,445 total domains
  • 404 one-word domains
  • 2,363 two-word domains
  • 423 three-word domains
  • 538 one-to-four character domains
  • 1,799 other domains


Biggest Public Cash Domain Sale Ever Reported & Year's Highest Non .Com Sale Headline This Week's Chart

Biggest Public Cash Domain Sale Ever Reported 

By Ron Jackson

As most of you probably know by now, the biggest publicly reported all cash domain sale of all time was revealed Tuesday (June 18, 2019). With the $30 million sale of Voice.com industry, reported the landmark sale (including us, of course, with an assist from George Kirikos who was the first to send us some of the key information as the story started breaking).

The GoDaddy Domain Broker Service was credited with facilitating the sale in which seller MicroStrategy Inc., a public company listed on the NASDAQ (under the symbol MSTR), sent Voice.com to buyer Block.one, a company that is using Voice.com to launch a new blockchain-based social media platform called Voice. 
We maintain a chart of the top 20 all cash domain only salesreported since we began our weekly domain sales reports in 2003. In light of the Voice.com sale I think it is worth repeating something I have pointed out in the past that remains a problem. Several other sites (the most notable probably being Wikipedia) have published lists with titles like "List of Most Expensive Domain Names" that are actually a mishmash of assets that are very different from one another -  mixing sales of developed online businesses in with domain only sales, as well as purchases paid in whole or part with common stock (sometimes of dubious value) and even listing uncompleted purchases (like Vegas.com that is being paid for in installments that still have years to run). 

Unfortunately, others pick up and copy this mis-information across the web - reinforcing a pervasive lack of understanding of the differences between a domain name, a website and an online business. Of the four domains Wikipedia lists above Voice.com, the top three were all either a sale still to be completed (Vegas.com) or online businesses with existing revenue streams (Insurance.com and CafrInsurance.com). The fourth (PrivateJet.com) changed hands in a stock/cash combination whose actual value was unknown (and widely questioned at the time). It is too bad that this lack of awareness will, at least in some circles, keep the actual #1 cash sale of a domain name only (now Voice.com) from getting all of the recognition it rightfully deserves.
The same could be said for the GoDaddy Domain Broker Service, who can now accurately claim the #1 publicly reported sale of a domain name. They did receive an undisclosed commission beyond the $30 million paid for Voice.com, and that would be enough for some, but they shouldn't have to watch credit for their achievement go to others who were playing an entirely different game. 
All of the commotion surrounding the Voice.com sale overshadowed another outstanding sale that would have led our latest weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart almost any other week of the year. That was Sedo Senior Broker Dave Evanson's $400,000 sale of Casinos.org in what was the biggest non .com sale of the year to date. Voice.com or no Voice.com - that is worth popping the cork on a bottle of champagne for Dave and Sedo!
Also notable this week was a nice group of five 3-letter .com sales made to Chinese buyers by Graham Haynes. All five landed on the top half of the leader board with #3 ZKJ.com at $49,980leading the quintet. If Graham's name sounds familiar - it should. He is the guy who paid $650,000 for Furniture.co.uk in 2016 (in a deal brokered by Dave Evanson - another name that keeps popping up)! The UK based investor/developer used the domain to reinforce his thriving furniture retail business. Graham doesn't usually make his transactions public but he decided to put the 3-letter .com sales out there (made over the past 3 months) because he felt too much has been made of a Chinese buying slowdown. He wanted to show that the market for short, desirable .coms is still alive and well in the Far East.
While the .coms dominated again this week, the non .com gTLDs and ccTLDs each has three entries on the elite list. Sedo had two of the three country code sales with the other - #13 LoveLetter.co at $15,000 - going to David Lizmi. Overall, Sedo led all venues with a dozen charted sales including six of the 14 .coms. EmpireNames.com also helped the .com cause with #9NPay.com at $25,000.
Here's a look at how all of the sales leaders stacked for the week ending Sunday, June 16, 2019

.Com Supporting Cast
Sedo led the .com supporting cast of four-figure sales with DiscreetRX.com at $9,880FitBag.com at $8,000 and ForSchools.com at $7,500Lyres.com landed $6,980 while SoloSolo.com and Vahdat.com drew $6,000 each. PCElectric.com plugged in $5,995,Dobinsons.com delivered $5,750 and Prime24.com produced $5,500.
Sedo had 27 more four-figure sales ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 that are listed in the table below:
Additional Sedo .com Sales Between $2,000 - $5,000
Country Codes
The ccTLDs were, of course, led by that trio of sales you saw on the all extension leader board above, with Sedo $16,660 sale of  Melatonin.de leading the way. The biggest sale in this group that you haven't seen yet is #4 on our latest Country Code Top Sales Chart. That is also a Sedo sale, Placement.co at $8,000BrandableNames.com rounded out the first five with Edibles.usat $7,650
Sedo swept 14 of the 18 sales reported from this group this week. The only other venue with multiple sales was DomainLore.co.uk with two - #17 Circles.co.uk at $1,686 and #18Bulgaria.co.uk at $1,323.
Here is how the top ccTLD sales stacked up for the week ending Sunday, June 16, 2019:
Country Code Top Sales ChartHighest Reported ccTLD Sales - Mon. June 10, 2019 - Sun. June 16, 2019
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect June 19, 2019)
Sold For
Where Sold
1.Melatonin.de€14,875 = $16,660Sedo
2.LoveLetter.co$15,000David Lizmi
3.Alps.ch€9,700 = $10,864Sedo
7.Raeucherofen.at€3,900 = $4,368Sedo
8.EnergieMonitor.de€3,800 = $4,256Sedo
10.Hundewiese.de€3,570 = $3,998Sedo
11.Schnidde.de€3,500 = $3,920Sedo
12.Goldfinch.co.uk£2,999 = $3,779Sedo
13.EBO.io€3,000 = $3,360Sedo
FTG.eu£2,500 = $3,150Sedo
17.Circles.co.uk£1,338 = $1,686DomainLore.co.uk
18.Bulgaria.co.uk£1,050 = $1,323DomainLore.co.uk
CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.
If there are country code extensions in our report that you are not familiar with, you can look up the nation each extension goes with here
Non .com gTLDs (.net, .org and others, including new gTLDs)
The Non .com gTLDs were, of course, led by the 800-pound gorilla at Sedo that sold for $400,000Casinos.org. You saw the top three in this category on the all extension leader board above so highest sale you haven't seen yet is #4 on our latest weekly Non .com gTLD Top Sales Chart - Sedo's sale of One.network at $11,200.
Only 11 sales were reported from this group and six of those were new gTLDs including a pair of.club sale made through GoDaddyButterfly.club and Fox.club tied for #10 at $1,500 apiece. 
Here is how the non .com gTLD sales stacked up for the week ending Sunday, June 16, 2019:
Non .Com gTLD Top Sales ChartHighest Reported Non .Com gTLD Sales - Mon. June 10, 2019 - Sun. June 16, 2019
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect June 19, 2019)
Sold For
Where Sold
1.Casinos.org$400,000GoDaddy Domain Broker Service
4.One.network€10,000 = $11,200Sedo
6.Creator.cloud€8,000 = $8,960Sedo
8.Bingo.games£2,499 = $3,149Sedo
CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.
Now that you're up to date on what happened over the past week, check out how the leaders stand year to date in all categories by visiting our Year To Date Charts page
As always, we welcome all verifiable sales reports from companies, private sellers or individuals with knowledge of an important sale made through any channel. To contribute information and help make this column better,  just drop a note to editor@dnjournal.com. We truly appreciate the industry leading companies who share their sales information with us to help everyone in the business get a handle on current domain values. 
Every Wednesday we publish the highest reported domain name sales for the previous week. On Mondays and Tuesdays our contributors send us their sales data for the previous 7 days. We then compile that information and write this article to give you the most comprehensive sales report in the industry. 
Editor's Note: If you wish to review previous Domain Sales columns, they are available in our Archive.
The DN Journal Top 20 Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. June 10, 2019 - Sun. June 16, 2019
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect June 19, 2019)
Sold For
Where Sold
1.Voice.com$30,000,000GoDaddy Domain Broker Service
3.ZKJ.com$49,980Graham Haynes
4.AYX.com$47,750Graham Haynes
XYH.com$29,980Graham Haynes
ZJH.com$29,980Graham Haynes
ZTJ.com$29,980Graham Haynes
12.Melatonin.de€14,875 = $16,660Sedo
13.LoveLetter.co$15,000David Lizmi
16.One.network€10,000 = $11,200Sedo
17.Alps.ch€9,700 = $10,864Sedo
20.BitcoinInc.com€8,849 = $9,911Sedo

Do Your Own Domain Name Investing, Don't Copy Others

Simplest Explanation of Domain Name Pricing

Why Invest in Domain Names?

Overnight Success in Domain Name Investing

How do you trade domain names? Part 7

Buy domain and open sources of sales
Congratulations, in this step you will buy the profitable domain / domain, the purchase process is very easy .. Prepare your credit card, add the domain you want in your account of the company you selected, put it in the shopping basket, and then buy it.

And now we want to do these things to open sources to sell Domains:

Note: The domain you buy can not be sold 60 days before you buy it, this is something you must know

Do not do private property Whois: When you activate this feature and you buy, it will make access to you difficult, so no one can know what your email or phone number to communicate with you and buy it, yes people and I am looking for the domain in sites such as whois.com and Find their owners' information and write them directly, and if they do this feature nothing will appear.

Put the domain on the page to show that it is for sale: This is an excellent thing, especially if the domain is a word in which people usually search, or originally Travik was previously entered

.. Just designed (you or pay for others) page and put its advantages and you are offering for sale with the means of communication with you.

You do not want to do the previous point, you can do a job to redirect it to: Yes .. After you place it in one of the sales auctions, you can make your work through it by its redirection  so that anyone entering it goes directly to the auction.

How do you trade domain names? -Part 6

Rank the domain and know its history
Before you buy, you should know if there are any disadvantages to this domain.

Check these things before you buy:

See the history of the domain if it was previously on an old site: Enter the web.archive.org site, and see how the site looks and what it is talking about and what its market is, whether it was organized and entered Traffic or not, see what happened with it over the years and of course Whenever a good site with content and traffic entered it was better, of course
Make sure you do not put the domain as a blank email: Enter this site UltraTools, and put the domain name and see whether there are services and sites put it as a cable is not in its databases
View the baccalaureate profile: If the old owner (if found) do the work of bad links to him, enter the site like ahrefs.com and put the domain and saw what was happening previously and the reputation of that domain in Google and the file baccalaureate