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Profit from the domain trade for beginners

  Trade in domains is one simple way of profit that you do not need to

 A great investment of money, no high technical skills and not tied to a time of

 Times, as long as there is the Internet and people create sites know

 You can profit from the domain trade.

 But before you start earning from a domain trade, know that you need some

 Patience and not in a hurry to profit from it quickly because the method depends on

 Long term investment.

 First: What is a domain?

 The domain or site name that contains some files, for example, a name

 Our website:, so you can log in to the site must contain it

 On this domain, whether it is (.com, .net, .org..etc) anyone wants to create

 Site must have a domain.

 How does our method of profiting from the domina trade work?

 First, we create good and distinct domains that are important for a specific person or market, then we do

 By making some adjustments to it to increase its price or market value until we find customers

 They buy the domain at twice the price.

 Where will we buy the domains?

 Domains selling sites, and I recommend site as it is a reliable company

 That gives you whois free for life, purchase and renewal price, $ 7 annually per year

 Fixed (other than companies that raise the domain price upon renewal)

 You can also buy from domino store sites like Sedo

 Or auction sites like Flippa or Godady

 All are correct ways, choose the best for you to buy the domain

What characteristics are supposed to be provided in the profitable domain?

 Page rank: What is meant by Page rank is an equation used before

 Google founders to show a specific site in the first 100 results.

 Long life: the domain that is from 2010 is a better example than the one that is old

 From the new domain, for example.

 Few words: Domaine: is better than Domi

 The extension: .com is better than the rest of the extensions, but that does not mean that

 The rest of the extensions are wrong but .com is months.

 Number of researchers: If the domain name has a good monthly search, this will increase

 From the value of the domain, for example, imagine the monthly search number for the word Body Building?

 The importance of the domain to the target customer: for example, if you find a company or

 People started to succeed and bought the domain in the name of this company or
 The establishment, of course, will increase the value of the domain, so imagine that you bought a domain Before Uber, how much will the company buy from you?
 This is one of the successful strategies

 How do we increase the price of the domain?
 After buying a good domain that contains the items we mentioned,
 But how do we increase the price of the domain so that we sell it at a greater price

 Bring visitors to this domain: even if with a Redirect process for example anyone

 Clicking on your domain you transfer to another location, but of course
 Owning a site is the best.

 Lengthening the domain life: For example, if you have a good domain, do not neglect it and pay

 Annual subscription ($ 10) for a longer life.

 Connecting a domain to a host and installing a site on it: This is the best way to add more

 Domain price, for example, if you create a good site, for example, and earn money
 The site in any way and then I am interested in configuring the site for search engines,
 This will increase the price of the domain very significantly.

 Where do you sell the domain?
 You now have some excellent domains and you have increased the value of the domain
 We mentioned, here are some ways to get some buyers interested in buying
 This domain is at a good price.

 Live View: This method relies on direct communication with some

 People by email who you think are interested in buying this
 The domain is yours and it will be special for them.

 Auction sites: eBay, godaddy, sedo: but you need to

 Evaluate the domain price well until you open the auction for a price
 Fits your domain.

 Intermediary companies: Like, it is considered an intermediate platform

 Among the target people to buy the domain and those who own
 Good domains to sell.

 Direct Marketing: So that you share it with your friends,

 Send it to your mailing list to talk about it in the forums
 You have a domain with such-and-such-and-such characteristics
 Then you view it for such price.

 How much do you earn from this method?
 If you focus on this method and apply it correctly, for example, you purchase
 Monthly from 10-15 and I applied the methods that we mentioned so you may be able to sell
 One domain per more than 50 dollars or more, depending on the value of the domain.

 Conclusion                       -------------
 The method is easy and simple, but it takes you a lot of focus and some effort
 From the first acquisition of the domain to increase its market price and even sell it
 Good. If you perform these steps, you will ensure that you sell it well, God willing.


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